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The Great Procastinator

Being Irish, I have the procrastination gene in abundance but, on Thursday, I actually took the wicker chairs off the porch and put them in the cellar. I had been thinking about doing that since October and it felt so good to get it done that I even put up Christmas lights. Not only that but I stacked firewood and burned the remaining gas in the lawnmower and cleaned and covered the gas grill. What the Hell is wrong with me! If this keeps up, I may start working on my taxes. I’m pretty sure it’s just a passing aberration but I’m going to keep an eye on myself just in case.


  1. sharon

    Hi Robbie, This is delightful. You have a nice way with the word.
    A good holiday to you and your family. Dennis and I will see you in Hawaii. It is next month already! Anybody out there considering it, please come. It is a wonderful experience. Thanks,

  2. Sally

    Uh, oh, looks like I’ll have to catch up and clean up my too small and very cluttered apartment before it begins to feel as if it’s closing in on me! Hopefully the holidays will give the time off work to do so………..Oh, and by the way, Hiya, Robbie, from your erstwhile songwriting student Sally in Kent, Ohio!

  3. dafunkerman

    im such a bad procastinator, i got the internet installed last week. we were payin for it for a year and a half but needed a phonline to the computer. A year and a half.. now thats irish.

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