I’m always drunk and I’m seldom sober,
I’m constant rovin’ from town to town.
Ah, but I’m old now, my sporting’s over
So, Molly, a store, won’t you lay me down.

Just lay my head on a keg of brandy,
It is my fancy, I do declare,
For while I’m drinkin’, I’m always thinkin’
On lovely Molly from the County Clare.

For the ripest apple is the soonest rotten
And the warmest love is the soonest cold.
And a young man’s fancy is soon forgotten,
So beware young maids and don’t make so bold.

It’s youth and folly makes young men marry,
And makes them tarry a long, long day.
What can’t be cured, love, must be endured love,
So farewell darling, I’m going away.

Love of the Land – Green Linnet, GLCD 1097
Adapted with new words and music by Robbie O’Connell © 1987
Slievenamon Music (BMI)