Oh Big Brother’s looking for a little bit more
A little bit more just a little bit more
Big Brother’s looking for a little bit more
He just can’t get enough

He owns the farm and he owns the cows
The sheep and the chickens and the pigs and sows
He owns the house and he owns the land
But he still walks up with an outstretched hand

He owns the roads and the shipping lines
The lumber yards and the quarries and mine
He owns the rivers and he owns the streams
You’d better watch out or he’ll own your dreams

He owns the banks and the stock exchange
The armoured vans and the trucks and trains
He owns the planes flying in the sky
But he still wants more, don’t ask me why

He owns the movies and the movie stars
The football teams and the racing cars
He owns the lawyers, he owns the gold
He believes everybody can be bought and sold

He owns the TV and the radio waves
The software, computers and the video games
The web, the papers and the magazines
But I’ll be damned if he’ll ever own me

Words and Music, Robbie O’Connell © 1999
Slievenamon Music (BMI)